Infographic: Understanding Machine Learning

“A field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”

Before you scream ‘Skynet’ and run give machine learning the credit it’s due. Machine learning has altered the world invisibly and mostly for the better: Optimizing traffic flows, matching suitor on dating sites to figuring out whether your cell are cancerous or just benign are just some of the more visible outcomes of the research and application underway in the field.

This infographic covers it all: It’s humble origins, how it works, what approaches and models are being used and some of the most popular applications for the field.

It misses one of course: Gamification (after all, why post this if it isn’t related to what we do!).  At IamProgrez we mainly do research and develop applications that fall into the Decision Tree Learning and Artificial Neural Network’s categories. It’s a field in the past year that has become increasingly important to us as we drill deeper into out gamified skills analysis, particularly in the predictive modelling our gamification systems as it applies to our users. It’s an exciting field and one that has led to a number of exciting projects we’ll be revealing in time.

Until then enjoy the Understanding Machine Learning infographic – until our robot overlords decide we can’t!


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