Author: Huib Langbroek

I’m a psychologist with a personal focus on the development of assessments. One aspect of my work is the use of commercial games to help assess the skill set of future employees. Of course skill assessment done through gamified systems like iam-it and other IamProgrez tools are on another level in terms of assessment and behavioral prediction but commercial games have a fun role to play. These games are by their nature not only more

Sometimes it feels that Life is just a constant need to monitor your level of skill. Skill proficiencies determine so much of what we do and who are: From how well you did in school, your success or failure in your chosen career path and to some extent the size and makeup of your social life. While you might debate the impact of skill proficiency in your life what cannot be contested is the ‘nightmare’

Anyone working in the Gamification sector will tell you: It isn’t all fun and games. After all our industry is all too often stereotyped as being only about making systems more ‘fun’. Just last year I attended the Gamification World Summit and yes there were a lot of fantastic projects focused on transforming boring systems into cool projects. There was however something else going on at the Summit: A deeper undercurrent focused on the undeniable