Hi There!

Sorry about the website.

We were in the middle of building this awesome new project when it decided to just collapse itself into neatly folded ones and zeros.

You know IamProgrez uses Gamified Skill Assessment to bridge the divides between the Education and Labor Markets right?

Our tech has gone global and is happily smashing barriers away from Hong Kong to the U.K.

Our website, neatly folded as it was, didn’t reflect everything we have achieved.

It’s wasn’t a massive surprise that it blew up while building this amazing new stuff (we’ll tell you about it later)

So we’re building a new website. One with a few less folds but a lot more awesome in it.

The Progrez Blog is still open. We’ll be posting mini updates there until the new website is done.

If  you haven’t already hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.

We can’t wait to show what we’ve got cooking in our Labs.