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About us

“IamProgrez is a leader in Gamified Assessment”

Our solutions streamline and empower the recruitment and assessment process. Using gamification technology companies can inject their own corporate DNA into their onboarding processes, delivering this generation of job seekers a faster and more fluid connection with their dream job.

Our cutting edge technologies and intelligent big data analysis deliver deeply insightful profiles for better candidate to position matching. We measure everything from candidates soft and hard job skills to company culture and vibe to ensure every business gets the employees they not only want but actually need.

Our Vision

“Education and Social Transformation through Gamified Skill Assessment”

We believe IamProgrez can change the course of education and society in positive and substantive ways through the use of cutting edge Gamification technology.

We’re a passionate company. We care about what we do and how we do it. We’re defined by the positive impact we make as empower our clients and change the lives of our players forever.

Our vision demands of us the highest standards in security, privacy and honesty to our clients. We don’t just look ahead to a bright future but instead focus on building that future now.

Just a few of our many Clients

iam-it reaches 1000 players!

Iam-it has cleared the 1000 player milestone!

We’re extremely proud of this achievement but it doesn’t mean we get to rest: We’ve got a ton of updates and fresh content planned and rolling out over the coming months.

For our clients this translates into improved talent search functionality, better statistics and an expanded analysis suite.

For players it means better matching systems, more quests to understand and evaluate your talents and skills while exploring our ever growing ‘available jobs’ pool.